How to eject a DVD drive from within Zorin?

My laptop’s rather fragile button for the DVD drive broke a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve gotten used to ejecting it in windows file explorer via a simple right click.

Now I’m dual booting with Zorin, but cannot seem to figure out how to do the same.

I may well be missing something incredibly obvious.

Utilities->Disks. Select DVD drive and click eject button on top-right.


Just as @carmar said, or right-click the disks icon on the desktop and select “eject”.


Thanks both of you! I’ll give this a look tomorrow (late here right now and im back on windows).
Is the eject button the one next to the three dots?

Yes, the little triangle with a line under it.


thanks very much! :grinning:

Easier still - when you install CD/DVD you should get a notification top centre to open with files. Once in Nautius (if using Core), go to the triangle with line underneath, right-click and choose ‘Eject’. :wink: