How to enable fingerprint login?

the guide on the Zorin website didn't work. Thinkpad L15 laptop

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it's enabled but still no luck

Once you do the above, you also need to enroll your prints into the system.

I got it working on a Dell with a reader that technically it should not work with due to the manufacturer reader.

Make sure it's not a Goodix sensor

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it says no devices available after fprintd-enroll. I had no problem with windows

Do you even have fprintd installed? That error sounds like you do not.

This isn't Windows and most of the drivers designed for fingerprint are Windows only.

how do i check?

You can check it in Synaptic just by doing a search.

But if you click on the link I gave you and read the entire post and followed it, you would have installed it. You can't just skip ahead if you didn't do the things prior

But it also depends in the end what manufacturer they used, as some just do not work as there are no drivers for it in Linux.

i re-installed it and it still says no devices available

What is the fingerprint reader you have?

As I've stated a few times now, not all readers are supported in particular Goodix

Ahh sh*t.
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 27c6:55b4 Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd. Fingerprint Reader
thanks anyway!

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P.s. Does this apply only to ZorinOs?

No, all other Linux Distributions won't work with Goodix sensors due to their lack of support for drivers on Linux.

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#Ain't necessarily so#:

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