How to enable KVM for Virtual Machine Mode after updating BIOS with TPM

(To begin with, a side note. I have been experiencing restarts at not my behest in the middle of doing something, or posting on this forum. I thought it was the PSU failing. I replaced it with a backup I had to purchase when the main one went away for repair during lockdown. But still the dreaded spurious resets occurred. I thought it might be a temperature thing and increased the fan speed from silent to turbo (still quiet!) I did a search for reset issues and found some advice about updating the BIOS as first place to go. So now the rest of the guide.)

This is a very useful page:


So, after discovering about the logo vulnerability of the BIOS I looked at updating my ASUS PRIME X470-PRO motherboard. I initially installed the last released update, 6210 but could find no page setting to enable KVM so went to the previous version of 6202. Today updated to 6210 and discovered yet another debacle of TPM (Trusted Platform Management [needed for the likes of Windows 8 upwards]). You have to turn TPM off (disable it) in order to enable KVM! And KVM (CPU Virtual Machine capability) is disabled by default so that has to be turned on before I could access my VM of Zorin 17.1 Core. Hope this helps those who have updated their BIOS and find they can no longer run their VM's!

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