[How to] enable Three-finger-drag

A while ago, I wrote a small praising on a touch pad input system in Zorin.

Well, it is almost perfect, except for one minor touch (pan intended). When I was using macOS, I always enabled three-finger-drag, which allowed me to press with three fingers on the top of opened window and move it around. It also let me select a text by dragging on it.

This is a tutorial to add this missing function, called three-finger-drag. The tutorial is based on:

  1. Install the following (some of them might be already installed):
    $ sudo apt install -y python3 python3-setuptools xdotool wmctrl python3-gi libinput-tools python-gobject git

  2. Add user to input group:
    $ sudo gpasswd -a $USER input

IMPORTANT: make sure to Reboot immediately after this. Logout will not work.

  1. Download a file:
    Release Initial Release · marsqing/libinput-three-finger-drag · GitHub

  2. Uncompress it and copy the binary file to:
    and set it to autostart

That's it.
Reboot and enjoy truly Mac style input system :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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