How to "extend" app names on application list

If you open application menu / drawer and if the app names is too long for example "windows app support" it will showed up as "windows app s...", How do I fix that since there's quite enough room for double lines app name?

I'm tired of editing the "usr/share/applications/" so the app names is shorter

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For some fun reading:

One user suggested this extension:


If you want you can even decrease text size on Zorin Appearance > Character Type > tweak.

I believe that Gnome, in this case, imposes a 14 character limit on the text. If so, then decreasing the font size won't bypass that limit.

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Alright, I didn't know about this limitation :+1:.

thats work not as i expected and still the character limit ruin the aesthetic but i think thats a good solutions to cover it, i just gonna use menulibre to modified the .desktop file faster

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