How to find "File" app?

On page Connect to a Network Drive - Zorin Help

Open the “Files” app and click on “Other Locations” in the left sidebar menu. It should open a screen similar to the one below:

Cannot find "Files" app. Does it mean Thunar File Manager?
Can someone show me how to open file "Files" app?

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Files is the application on the Dash that looks like a filing cabinet. Files is what used to be called Nautilus in Gnome and refers to Zorin Core. If you are using Zorin Lite then it is Thunar. I have only created an unofficial manual for Core.


@alexiswu Would you please update your forum profile to indicate which ZorinOS edition you are using, e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc.
That way we can quickly see which DE (Gnome or xfce) you have and can tailor our replies accordingly. Thanks. Zab


@zabadabadoo I am using Zorin 15.8 Lite 32-bit version on an old P4 PC.
According to @swarfendor437, Files is Thunar on Lite version.

Still cannot find "Other Locations" on Thunar File Manager.
My objective is to connect the my network drive to copy some files from there.
All help is appreciated. Alexis

Hi, this is an old xfce forum thread (and I think you had a typo, the last version of Zorin 15 Lite was 15.3!):

The "other locations" is purely a Nautilus Gnome file manager thing.
It is supposed to direct you to other computer locations or Root. It is different from most other file managers and needlessly ambiguous and complicated.

In Thunar, just tap the up-arrow icon on the toolbar twice to get to Root.

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Hi swarfendor437,
Thanks for the hints in the link you sent.
I found the way to specific the map my network drive via Thunar File Manager.

  1. Select "Browse Network" under NETWORK.
  2. Click on the Edit (pencil icon) and fill smb://" then click refresh.

Then my network drive showed up under NETWORK and is accessable.

Thanks for your help.

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Be very welcome

Thanks for sharing your solution.