How to fix Visual Studio (or almost any editor) horrible font rendering?

I need guidance how on to resolve the bad rendering for Visual Studio or editors on this distro pls.

I found an article, but the only thing i could do atm is to overwrite the fonts.conf with the example provided in that thread. Not sure how that would affect everything else on my system and probably it would be overwritten when i change font or theme settings on system level.

These may be of use to you:

I didn't find the steps listed on the article you cited.

Thanks! I installed the fonts, but not sure how to reference them in VSCode setting(no dropdown selector or such, have to set it textually). Need to figure out this part and maybe this will be enough.

Marked solution. 263

Thanks! The marked solution is the closest to a satisfying result.
But i still see blurriness. Is it just me?

I used to work amending materials for students with vision impairment. I see a blurriness because it is white on blue if you are talking end result. Try the colour schemes that are used for someone with visual difficulties - yellow on blue, yellow on black - or the inverse of either of these schemes (If VS allows it).

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I had the same conclusion, but couldn't figure out how to properly word it.

Yes, color schemes also can help a bit for sure.

I made a "mistake" earlier, the pixel size of the text in VS was not the same as in the font viewer. This is the correct comparison:

VS render is still not as "clear", but good enough for me. :slight_smile:

I am then asking myself is Visual Studio accurately rendering fonts? :wink:

Yea, Linux version had/probably still has issues. I tried to follow related threads, but gave up. In one case the package for the alleged fix was not available anymore or i had to rebuild, resophisticatedlinuxmagicconfigure something... I don't know man, someone really went overboard with fonts.

The current state is fine for me. Any more complaints would be straight up b:tching or religious debate. :slight_smile: I can finally start using my beloved linux distrib for coding as well.

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Another solution is to execute step 7 from here. I just did it right after a fresh OS install and fonts are crisp in VS Code.

I'm quite sure i did this earlier. Also did a bunch of other things too, so probably messed up something.

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