How to fix x.509?

When is install zorin on my laptop it work after i restart it the screen only said integrity problem loading x.509 is it my laptop or my flash drive i have already turn off secure boot my laptop is a Aspire E 14 Acer

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Did You disabled TPM, too?

Before You installed the System: Have You verified the Checksum of the Iso? What Program did You used to create the bootable USB Stick? Are You using a dual Boot System (Zorin+Windows)?

No i didn't dualboot i think i disable TPM it,s currently night so i will tell you in the morning thanks

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But think it,s my usb i drop it on water ones but it,s still working

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Then I would definitely use a different One.

But it still works i even installed win11 btw doi have to diable TPM

And which Program did You used for create the bootable USB Stick for Zorin?

I would try it with another Stick - only to test it.

What should i disable/enable

Thank for help it is finaly working

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