How to get an alert when I'm about to run out of Ram?

Hi. Sometimes, I run out of ram, and my computer starts to freeze, which is inconvenient, especially if it's in the middle of recording something.

Is there a (beginner friendly) way to get a warning every time my memory usage gets too high?

I can see memory usage in the corner of my screen, but most times, I'm not paying attention to it, and it freezes before I notice.

Plz let me know. Thanks.

Zorin OS Lite 16 (16.2 iirc).

@Aravisian, in the past there was a swap partition for this. Is swap created by default or did they get rid of it ?

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I'm not sure what swap is. But when I run out of memory, the swap usage starts going up, and my computer is slow for a couple minutes, even after the memory usage goes down (assuming I didn't have to restart my computer).

Yes, a Swap file is created by default upon installation of Zorin OS.
It is, in my opinion, a wee bit on the small side.

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Will increasing swap size make it easy to save and quit work when I run out of ram? Or will it still be like... uh... is my computer frozen right now? I kinda hope I don't have to restart my pc...?

I believe i currently have 2GB for swap. I think. I don't fully understand this stuff.

My own experience is that when you run out of RAM and switch to swap, there is some slight slow down.
This may vary depending on how the user sets ups swappiness.
It does not freeze or crash.
You can also periodically clear out RAM:

This method is quick and effective.

The problem with clearing up ram manually is, sometimes I forget.

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