How to get multiple desktops like windows on Zorin os?

Hello Everyone,
I had a quick question, is there a way to get multiple desktops like windows 10 has because just shifted from windows 10 to Zorin Os. I am very used to using multiple desktops. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe you do it from activity overview (I think that's what you call it anyway) and it's to your right when you're in that menu.

It's called workspaces in Zorin.


Thank you

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Yet another example of Microsoft 'stealing' from GNU/Linux. I remember in the early days it was called workspace switcher. Some desktops would just have two which would show up in the bottom panel but you coukd have as many as twenty!

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You might also want to switch on the Workspace Indicator extension. Protip: Put your cursor on it and scroll thru workspaces.

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