How to get the most perfomance out of Zorin OS?

I've been using a HP Stream (2GB, AMD Radeon R3 Model) to do the stuff I need to do, but there are times where it can be sluggish, freezing to the point where I have to force power off my laptop.

I am aware that the specs on my PC are not very flexible, or useful for more intensive tasks, but I want to be able to get the most out of it while I do have it, so when it comes to more intensive stuff, there isn't as much sluggishness.

I am already aware of upgrading RAM, but I am unsure if you can do it for my model. I would really appreciate a few tips on things to install, commands to run, files to tweak etc. I have struggled to find reccomendations due to the lack of topic focused on optimizing Zorin OS Lite exclusively, and not just Ubuntu 18.04.

I hope this isn't too much to ask for, I am aware that there is a limitation due to my hardware. I just want to get the most out of it, hence the reason why I posted today.


I am using Zorin OS Lite, my laptop has an SSD and it is powered by AMD A4. Nothing too big

Although one of these is for XFCE on Mint, most of it should work the same on Zorin Lite.

Hopefully the tips provided here in these two links can help:


Thanks! I've never seen such an article before. I'll review it asap

That was an excellent link from Aravisian! That is a great guide that should help you, and many of those tips and tweaks you should most certainly do.

In regards to upgrading RAM. Your machine uses soldered on RAM, thus it's not upgradeable, which is a common practice on budget computers.

You made a great choice going with lite however! Lite based OS's use about 1.5GB of RAM. But you can can do tweaks the make them draw even less RAM. :wink:

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How bout' SWAP memory?
If you do make swap, make it 4-8gb. It'll help if you start OOM'ing. I am not sure if Zorin has a swap by default.

(yes i am alive)

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That'll be an issue, because of how low budget my laptop is, it only has 32GB of storage. I'm not planning on keeping it for long anyway, only until I can get a better one (4gb, good space capacity)

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8GB, 1TB is a minimum for today's standards. If you are planning on using Linux, you can still get an HDD as i never saw that much of a performance boost in a comparison of SSD + Ubuntu and HDD + Ubuntu. As for now, you kinda need to struggle a bit. A bit of swap would have been great. BTW, I just realized that HP Stream has eMMC storage... That's quite... bad... How do you even manage to use that sh^t laptop? f^ck.

Guys, Zorin OS uses a 700MB SWAP partition already, its not a lot no, but its enough to keep the system going if you hit SWAP. His biggest issue is his RAM.

But as long as he can keep the RAM draw reduced, and turn off all fancy effects, he can also reduce some of the draw on that CPU as well.

I'm glad to hear he has plans to get a new computer eventually, that will greatly help. I do agree however, that 8GB of RAM should be minimum choice on a new computer.

And he doesn't really need 1TB of storage, unless he's a heavy gamer, or doing production. Otherwise he can get away with a 500GB drive.

SSD prices are very high today, because SSD is a type of memory, and that means its chips, which means its silicone, and were in a silicone shortage.

Modern notebooks don't really use HDD's anymore, especially if they are thin and lights. SSD's are pretty much the standard today. In order to use an HDD with a modern notebook, you got to use it externally.

Anyways, lots of things to consider when getting a new computer of course, but right now, we just need to get him to tweak his current computer to get the most out of it.

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Yeah, it's just a temporary solution though, like @StarTreker stated. I just want to get the most out of it until I have a big enough budget to get something bigger and better. When it comes to your questions, space was a really bad issue before i switched to linux. This laptop came with windows 8.1 and it was horribly bloated, to the point where I would reset my laptop to get space and start afresh, only to find my ssd full again because of how many updates were being installed. I still do question why such devices exist, but with Zorin OS lite I am just about managing.

Again, like StarTreker stated, 8gb ram and 1tb of storage aren't really necessary because:

A. I don't need that much space:

  • I dont game on my laptop often
  • I am a lighweight user

B. Despite that amount of RAM suggested, I would think that 6GB or at the base 4gb ram would suit me better than 8GB (budget wise)

Thanks! The article gives some commands like "xed admin:///etc/default/grub", but I get an error that says "Command 'xed' not found, but there are 16 similar ones."

What's the Zorin equivalent of "xed"?


You can also use it within terminal with Nano, which comes with Zorin OS:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

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Can Zorin OS Ultimate be used based on Gnome?

Accoring to Download - Zorin OS Ultimate includes:
Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate Advanced desktop = Gnome
Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate Lightweight desktop = xfce

Zorn OS Ultimate Gnome is already pretty fast. The only tips I might share are that you remove any programs you will not us. Keep cache, apt and autoremove clean. Regular cleaning does a lot.
You can install 'preload':

sudo apt-get install preload