How to get Xfce4 working on Zorin os 17

on Zorin os 16, it just ran fine when i typed xfce-panel in the command line

in the new version of Zorin Os 17 after upgrading, when trying to run without sudo, i get this error.

but when i run with sudo

it runs completely fine, but i can only access from root.
I don't want to run from root, so how do i fix this so i can run as a normal user?

Can you tap alt+F2 and in the launcher window, run

xfce4-panel --restart



and report what happens?

for the restart command
for just the normal command
nothing happens

anything with the words "segmentation fault"?

how to i make it where it launches from x11 and not wayland?

thanks it works, gotta manage the themes though. how do i make it where in the whisker menu if i hit the windows button, it brings up the menu?

This is the default behavior of Whiskermenu. I do not understand this question. Clicking the WhiskerMenu button brings up the menu. That is the only thing that it does.

pressing the windows key brings up the whiskermenu menu
how do i make it do that?

im talking about the xfce environment

Oh, I see.
In Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts
Add the new keyboard shortcut for the command xfce4-popup-whiskermenu and then bind the Super key (Windows key) as the key press.

thank you so much guys

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