How to increase size of my root file system?

i'm trying to increase my root file size, i think it's sd8, but not entirely sure.
i'm trying to add the 11 gigs to my root file system.
however when i right click resize , it doesn't add up all the space? how should i do this correctly

In order to expand a partition (resize) into another, the other must be wiped as free space, both must be unmounted and... the partitions must be adjacent to each other. They must be touching, side-by-side.


i have unallocated space , should it be wiped?

Unallocated should be fine- is it adjacent to the partition you wish to resize into that space?

There is grub2 core , random ntfs and linux swap. can i move the grub2 away?

Moving a partition would require copying any data on it and then transferring it back... Which can be risky for a Grub or an EFI partition.

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