How to Install a Game From GOG

I just purchased several games from GOG Stardew Valley being one of them .... they sent the game to me by way of a file which I don't know how to open .... here is the info from the game itself ..... what do I do now .... ?????????????

It tells you how in that file you posted.
Open a terminal within the Same Directory that the is in.
Then run

chmod +x

Run it with


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Hummmmm I got this .....

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ sudo /home/mike/Downloads chmod +x
[sudo] password for mike:
sudo: /home/mike/Downloads: command not found
mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ /home/mike/Downloads chmod +x
bash: /home/mike/Downloads: Is a directory

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x
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mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ cd ~/Downloads
mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~/Downloads$ chmod +x
chmod: cannot access '': No such file or directory

make sure you spell it correctly and there's different on lower and upper case.

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Here is where it is stored .......

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x stardew*.sh

I'm to laszy to write the whole name so I used *

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He's what I got .... there are some warnings but I haven't tried to play the game yet ....

mike@mike-ROG-Strix-G731GT-G731GT:~$ /home/mike/Downloads/
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Stardew Valley ( 100%
Collecting info for this system...
Operating system: linux
CPU Arch: x86_64
trying mojosetup in bin/linux/x86_64

(process:976690): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:35:43.301: Locale not supported by C library.
Using the fallback 'C' locale.

(mojosetup:976690): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:35:43.307: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "clearlooks",

(mojosetup:976690): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:35:43.307: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "clearlooks",

Hey it works ..... now to find out where my saved games folder is so I can copy and paste the one from Windows to play on Zorin .... I sure don't want to start from the beginning as I'm in my 4 year (4th year in game play)

Thank you guys ..... I hope I can remember these steps .... I'm going to copy and paste them into a doc so I can view it later ....

it should now be installed. The error is them errors, nothing to worry about.

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Yes sir everything is working just fine ..... I found out where the Stardew Valley saved game file is and moved my saved game from Win 7 to GOG on Zorin ...... works like a charm ...... I sure didn't want to start all over from the beginning if I didn't have to .... found the answer to the location of saved file on the net .....

I have marked the thread solved :slight_smile:

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