How to install a pfx certificate

Hi I'm quit new whit Zorin, so please anwser with that in mind (you'll have to take me step by step).

I've got to install a pfx-certificate in order to run my vacationadministration for my work. Untill last year I had a dual-boot and I had the link on the windows site running. But this year I switched to only Zorin, but I need to have this working. Can someone please tell me what I have to do.

I've already searched and there are a lot off SSL cerifacations mensioned, are they the same?

It is a small "programme" that in windows I have to dubble clik it and it generates a certificate in my browser so when I can visit the site where I can enter my vacations.

Sorry for my bad english (I speak dutch).

Thanks for all the help I hope to get.

This is not something I have ever looked into before... Perhaps the suggestions here may help:

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