How to install another Linux?

I have free space on my ssd.
I want Installed on free space another distribution linux near Zorin 16 Pro.
Then I must format this free space and installing there new distribution? Grub don't crash?

Its funny you mentioned this Bourne. I have this 5 gen nuc with low specs - Processor N3700 (2M Cache, up to 2.40 GHz.

I already have Zorinlite and MXlinux (both XFCE )installed but wasn't satisfied with the performance, so I decided to in stall Raspberry Pi on it. The funny thing is after is was finished installing it did not recognize the other 2 OS's. I manually had to add them to the grub file so they could show up on the Raspberry pi grub menu.

What I'm trying to say is that al this time I never encounterd problems with the Zorin grub it always recognize every other OS and easily adds them to the grubmenu.

So if you do this (you can use gparted to make the space you want to installed it to) be sure to keep Zorin 16 Pro as the main boot and use its grubmenu afterwards so there will be no problems.

most distros allow you to dualboot through the installer, and it configures GRUB automatically (if you select a drive to install GRUB on)

I remember then why Grub cannot be to small if i want installed another distribution. I tested today AV Linux MX 21 Edition.
Without gaming it is ok.

Yes I wondering about that.

I happen to find the installation of MXlinux very dominating it overrules other grubs so make sure you choose to install it without grub, that way you will keep Zorin pro and its grub as mainboot.

Ps, I know from former topics that you are an audiophile. Is that the reason you want to install AV Linux MX?

I watching some a few channels on YT with Linux.
Yes I am audiophile. I need to thinking if this is good choice not to back to jugglery.
I saw AV Linux is very configurable.

I started also watching movies to better understand a linux. Example is here

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