How to install ASUS RAID drivers PRIME-B550M-A-WIFI-ASUS-1004.CAP

I am trying to install drivers to run RAID10 with four 1TB Samsung 860 EVO, so far not able to open PRIME-B550M-A-WIFI-ASUS-1004.CAP.

Can’t find specific solution to specific manufacturer drivers but found this:

Thank you. There is a lot of good info here. I am working on multiple paths to educate myself fully about OS’s, Bash Command Line, and programming, to one day be competent with interfacing with any device. Until then, I’m bumping around in the discovery mode.

Glad you are doing some self-education. I was getting along nicely with the Amiga CLI when I bought my first Windows PC, a Pentium P120, just before the MMX debacle which was purely down to Intel threatening Grey Machine producers not to release any information about it or they would not supply them with any more processors! Needless to say I wasted time on games - well one game in particular. I am thinking of getting Amiga OS from Amiga International - only concern is that it states Intel so not sure if would run on AMD processor!