How to install desktop environment

Good day my dear friends. Moderator told me that I need to install other desktop environment using Synaptic Customize taskbar

Because I am beginner and I didn’t have Linux course in person, I don’t know how to install desktop environment using Synaptic.
Please send me a link to an tutorial or explain me in this topic.

Based on the link you posted here, I am arbitrarily picking KDE from that list, as an example.

Using Synaptic, you use the Search button to search for KDE (see attached screenshot).

Right click the kde-plasma-desktop entry and Mark for Installation. Then click the Apply button. Synaptic will install the desktop for you. With my experience of trying XFCE a while back, I recall having to log out to be able to log back in with it but don’t recall if I had to restart - maybe the case with KDE, if not then restart.

PS - you don’t have to use Synaptic, you can also use the terminal. Synaptic just makes it easier, in my opinion.

PPS - if you have further questions or run into trouble, just post them here and we can continue with more details.