How to install discord to .config

Hello, and Thanks for your time.

I installed discord using SOFTWARE, but it doesn't create any directory in .config, instead, it make it in flatpak apps.
Then I installed the .deb installer from discord official website, still when i run it, it opens SOFTWARE and asks me to install from there. Or when i click on 'Run anyway' , it does install it from .deb but still it doesn't create any directory in .config. So either way, it goes to flatpak/apps and that's what I don't want it to do cuz I want to install BETTERDISCORD.

If anyone can help, i would really appreciate.

Not a Tutorial, so moved this to General Help.


I also use Better Discord.
You cannot use the Flatpak or Snap.
Instead to install:

curl -O

You can use wget if you prefer.

Give it executable permission:

chmod +x betterdiscordctl

Assign it to its root directory:

sudo mv betterdiscordctl /usr/local/bin



Should work just fine.

Ok, So I followed the steps and now i have this file in usr/local/bin

But I don't know how it works. When I try to open it, it shows up:

from terminal

You will have to remove the flatpak so it doesn't default to the installed version. Unfortunately, many versions of this use the flatpak software manager.


Your terminal is opened to Desktop instead of Home Directory.

cd ~




betterdiscordctl install

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Have you installed the standard Discord .deb file first?

well, i have it in my downloads directory.

Go ahead and install it... It may need to be installed first before "upgrading" it to BetterDiscord.
I honestly do not remember if that must be installed first.
I installed BetterDiscord by the method outlined above - after I had standard discord installed already.

It's installed. but it gets installed to this directory(shown bellow).
I cant select it from there, cuz BetterDiscord needs it to be installed in .config i guess.

.config is just the configuration directory where your personal settings are saved.

You installed the Discord.deb?

Now try again with

betterdiscordctl install

OK, so installed the discord and still it throws the same error. It searches for discord in .config directory. while its installed in .var

It is looking for the Configuration Files - not trying to install the app to config.
Maybe launch Discord and configure it before installing BetterDiscord...

After opening Discord and running the command, it was installed and now works perfectly!
Thank you so much Mate.

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Sorry for the confusion. I had installed it recently and still forgot that it needed the "install" command...
I had installed it as an afterthought after I had installed Discord from the .deb package.
I had not realized that it was required for the Discord.deb to be installed and launched first.
Now, we know...