How to install driver for printer

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Hello everybody.
I downloaded HPLIP ffrom website and applied what did Cramar told. Even I've installed Linux Mint and wasn't good resoult of installation.
I need some experienced member who knows how to deal with it.

I am looking for a member who will install me driver via Team Viewer.
Please help me, I want to use my printer.

Hello David. We attempt to assist and would rather you attempt to perform the installations on your own so you learn how to work in Linux, something you won't get if someone does this for you.
There is some necessary info your not sharing in order for us to assist you. Which version of Zorin is on your system? If you're running zorin core or ultimate you will want to use the installation instructions for Ubuntu, which zorin is based on.

Try method 1.

If your running lite or ultimate lite, you'll want to use the xfce installation. Follow the following link and click go to solution.

Either way, both seem to be straight forward and rather simple to perform.

You can even copy and paste from website to terminal (ctrl + shift + v in terminal to paste) in order to complete the commands without typos.

Please make sure your model printer is listed in the supported list before installing.

If you have issues, come back and we'll help you through them.

Please don't expect the volunteers of the forum or the developers to install anything on your system. Microsoft wouldn't do that, you can't expect other operating system distributors too.

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I applied the method 1

Method 1:
To install the latest version of HPLIP driver by using a PPA, execute the following:

  • open a terminal (Applications > Accessoiries > Terminal)
  • type the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hplip-isv/ppa
  • press Enter and if needed, type the required password
  • type the following command: sudo apt-get update
  • then type the following command: sudo apt-get install hplip

The printer printed me what I don't want.

Please help me.

I solved problem. I went to the settings, added printer via advanced settings and in the option I selected USB not HPLIP. After that Instalation Wizzard appeared and downloaded additonal software.

Right now I can print on my Zorin Core OS.

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