[How to] install Edimax 600 WiFi driver

Hello @Togrok, is this how your Wi-Fi adapter looks like?

If it is, there are drivers at

Steps to install the driver:

  1. Make sure your system has a temporary Internet connection to download all the necessary files.

  2. Open the terminal Ctrl + Alt + T

  3. Make sure you have all the necessary files (headers, gcc compiler, make utility, etc.) to compile and install the driver.
    uname -r ←(Shows which kernel you're running)
    sudo apt install #linux-headers ←(Installs the headers)
    sudo apt install build-essential dkms git ←(Installs compiling software, DKMS and Git)

  4. Unzip EW-7811UTC_DAC_Linux_Driver_1.0.3.3.zip ← The file we installed just now [Step 1])
    cd ~/Downloads ←(Goes to your Downloads)
    unzip EW-7811UTC_DAC_Linux_Driver_1.0.3.3.zip ←(Unzips the file)
    Now, the file EW-7811UTC_DAC_Linux_Driver_1.0.3.3.zip should be in your folder.

  5. Installation:
    cd EW-7811UTC_DAC_Linux_Driver_1.0.3.3.zip←(Goes into the folder)
    make ←(make)
    sudo make install ←(installs the driver)

  6. Reboot:
    Dude, I don't need to do this right? Fine :angry::

  7. It should work, ENJOY :joy:

Installation difficulty 3/5 (Medium Difficulty)

Sources & Links: EDIMAX - Wireless Adapters - AC600 Dual-Band - AC600 Wireless Dual-Band Mini USB Adapter, EDIMAX - Download, How to install EW-7811 AC600 & EW-7822UAC in Linux with kernel higher than v4.1 : EDiMAX

Have a good day :sunglasses:!!!


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