How to Install Gnome and Zorin connect for os 15.3 lite?

Title, I want to be able to install gnome extensions and use zorin connect for my pc. And also Windows App Support?

If you want Gnome, why not install Zorin 15.3 Core?

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Wont lite be faster? I have a low end pc so I went for lite.

yes u can install kdeconnect in lite, it's the same as zorin connect

yes you can install it and use it in lite

no, u can use plugins in xfce, you will find all alternative plugin for any gnome extensions

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Lite it's better for a low end pc because use xfce, that is lighter than gnome.

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If you install Gnome, then you won't be using XFCE, you will be using Gnome.

Gnome extensions re-add the functionality that Gnome removes. On XFCE, there is no need for Gnome extensions since these features are generally already built into the desktop.
There may be Gnome Extensions that have features not present in XFCE, though. This will be true of any different desktop as each offers something unique.

As @eid pointed out; you can use KDEConnect app (which is what I use on Zorin OS Lite) to get all the same functionality of Zorin Connect which is actually based on KDEConnect and honestly, aside from the logo... you cannot tell the difference between them.

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Figures, cant have em all after all. Just like how it is with Windows and Linux, have to choose just one.

I havent really tried zorin connect on core, but my kde's mouse was kind of slow and delayed(?), idk I was running it on same wifi. If z connect's not any different then I guess I'll get used to it. I do love the features tho, feels like using a console controller with mouse and keyboard function. What I wish for is to have the full pc keyboard on it, and being able to make my own control scheme but using keyboard inputs. That'd be kinda cool

Can you please rephrase this some way?
I cannot understand a thing you said :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason Lite is faster is due to the fact that it uses XFCE, a more lightweight desktop when compared to GNOME.

Kde got good features, but pretty laggy sometimes. If kde and zorin connect arent different then I dont need to install the latter. I wish kde would have a editable layout that'd work like PSPlay but with keyboard and mouse inputs.

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