How to install Linux on Windows with WSL

What do you think of Linux this way?

I used it on my laptop and desktop. It was OK. I removed it. The only benefit was having access to applications via Ubuntu. I never tried Flatpaks or Snaps. So if you have certain applications only available on Linux, it can be useful for some people. I use Windows 11 routinely like right now and I have no problems with it. My Linux distributions are Zorin and Mint.

Thanks for that, I only stumbled on it today I had never heard of it before, it seems an easier way avoiding duel boot etc? :face_exhaling:

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It's a relatively new feature in the last couple of years with MS embracing Linux. It's all good for techies like me that just enjoy playing with different operating systems.

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Not a good idea. WSL is ok for running bash scripts in Windows, or simple GUI app. I've managed to install Ubuntu 22.04, but didn't manage to install Debian image. Similar to Wine, for each application you might need to solve independent issues (see wslg github issues).

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Hi Mikeart,

I used it too to see how it would work out, having previously used Linux distros by themselves, I was not impressed as far as using it as a daily option. For Windows users who want to program and write code yes, and even then, I would just recommend using a Linux distro of choice and do what is need there, it seemed to me from the Windows side, that it was an incomplete way of introducing Linux to users. I can't remember what difficulties I encountered with it, but I decided to quit using it. It was not quite ready for prime time for what WSL promised in my opinion.

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I went back to normal duel booting, found a few problems with it, but hey if you don't try you never know! :innocent:

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