How to install Mutter Rounded in 16.1 Core Edition?

Hello Zorin User/Dev!

I'm a newcomer from PopOS and I used this add-on (Mutter Rounded, see: to get the look that I wanted.

The installation is easy to follow as I successfully installed it in PopOS. This is the installation command:

But I get trouble when install this in Zorin. The problem start in the ./ command. It says:

So, here is my question: (1) Is there any way to get zorin detected as Ubuntu? And what version does Zorin 16.1 based?


Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 so it's likely won't work.


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Storm is correct on this. However, for other applications/packages provided by 3rd parties that won't install because the error message comes up with "no valid Ubuntu OS found to install to", you can try the temporary method of changing Zorin 16 to Ubuntu 20.04

Ahh, I see, thank you!

And the answer tells me to stand down :slight_smile:

I guess I need to wait for Zorin 17


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