How to install other DE/WM on Zorin


Can anyone make some guides how to install other DE or even WM on Zorin os 16?

I am not sure is it enough just install for example cinnamon, xfce, lxqt, i3 etc over Zorin or we need to remove gnome as base and some additional things ?


Hello Marko... Ironically this morning I was searching through the old Zorin forum looking for a once important lesson I received from either Swarfendor437 or Aravisian. Thinking it may be the latter, being when explaining desktop environments to me, he used the example of the DE being the body of the car being placed upon the frame (OS) of a car. For I'm looking to install KDE, and was looking to verify if it should be done upon Pro or Pro Lite. I'm pretty sure it should be on Pro.
I do know, if this helps, there are plenty of videos on youtube that shows how to do what you ask. Maybe try that? Also, I'm not sure what WM is, lol. Windows Media? Google searching may help.

But after watching some early vid's from some who have the early release of Pro, I may wait and try the different layouts first. A couple look real cool.

Hello, yes, I should wait the release and play with different layouts.

Why I am asking about other DE, because for example lxqt or xfce is less ram consumer, more performance oriented etc..but will see how Zorin 16 pro will perform :slight_smile:

WM -window manager ( like i3, bspwm, dwm etc ) :wink:

Personally I don't see the appeal of minimal WM/DE but that just me, if you got the horsepower. I understand of its use for lowend laptops etc.

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Gnomes CSD is about as minimal as it gets, really.
But if you install another Desktop Environment, you do not need to remove Gnome and should not try to remove Gnome as the interdependencies would break the system were it removed.
All you need to do to install another D.E. is install it and then log out and log into it to use it.

sudo apt install xfce4

If you want XFCE 4.16, you must add the staging repo

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/staging

sudo apt install xfce4

For Cinnamon:

sudo apt install cinnamon-core


sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

Plasma -base

sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop

Or plasma full D.E.

sudo apt install kde-full


sudo apt install mate


Awesome..this is great..thank you for that

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I have been exploring today and after much failure... Have been pleasantly surprised by LXDE

sudo apt-get install lxde

It runs nice and snappy on Zorin 16 Beta. Once logged in, I hit alt+F2 and entered in xfwm4 --replace to use my XFCE window manager instead of Openbox. (Before you can do this, you may need to open file manager in Root, navigate to /usr/share/applications and right click "Window Manager". Open in text editor, scroll all the way to the bottom(ish) and remove the line that says "OnlyShowIn=XFCE;" then save and close).

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