[How to] install the latest AMD/NVidia drivers on Zorin OS

I'm a long time Ubuntu user. I love the system's stability - both day-by-day operational stability as well as long term operating environment stability (with LTS versions). So here I do have to agree with @Aravisian that it might be better to test some rolling-release distro, where you will automatically get the latest and greatest :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I'm running on Ryzen 3700U (with integrated GPU Vega10) laptop, and I do game occasionally, so I'm playing with different GPU drivers to get performance improvements as soon as possible.

Besides the standard/stock AMD drivers shipped by default with the system, I also love to use "alternative" AMD drivers:

Kisak AMD Drivers: Updated, but still stable
These are standard drivers with some selected non-problematic features from the newer versions. Performance gains are not that big usually:

Oibaf AMD Drivers: Bleeding edge devel drivers, unstable
Title saiz it all: These drivers are updated daily with new features and (sometimes) fixes. Nevertheless, during the past two years I'm running exclusively on these drivers, since they offer best of the best performance and newest of the newest features :slight_smile: I had issues only around a couple of times, and each time only HW 3D acceleration (thus mainly only gaming) was affected, and since these are updated daily, usually a fix arrives the next day with a new daily build. Recommended, but use at your own risk:

Every time you want to try any of the above driver, just add a ppa repository to your system and start Updates. Updater will automatically find and install newer version of drivers.
Also, if you get tired of these/or want to switch from one repo to the other /or need to revert back to original drivers, please follow the steps to clean-up these 3rd party drivers first, as is described at at the bottom of each ppa's description.

And if you are on the green nVidia side of the GPU barricade, they also have a driver repository, where you just install the version of your choice (incl. beta):

Enjoy & good luck...


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