How to install typing master in zorin os

How to install best typing master in zorin os kindly help me please give me commands

By the way, is it acceptable to use Zorin's logo in a user's profile picture? I'm confused.

If you are referring to this:

It is a Windows Only application. It may run in WINE...
But you may also find a good Linux alternative.
I recommend trying out some Linux alternatives first.

While it is similar in appearance to the ZorinGroups own Forum avatars, it is also different... This is a good question.

@Xtylish_boy , would you be willing to consider a different avatar for the sake of preventing confusion of your posts with ones made by the official ZorinGroup?


Is there a particular touch-typing tutor program you want to install, or are you looking for recommendations?

sudo apt install gtypist
gtypist/focal 2.9.5-3build1 amd64
simple ncurses touch typing tutor

sudo apt install tuxtype
tuxtype/focal 1.8.3-5 amd64
Educational Typing Tutor Game Starring Tux

sudo apt install ktouch
ktouch/focal 4:19.12.3-1ubuntu1 amd64
touch typing tutor for KDE

sudo apt install tipp10
tipp10/focal 2.1.0-3build1 amd64
free open source touch typing software

sudo apt install klavaro
klavaro/focal 3.09-2 amd64
Flexible touch typing tutor

sudo apt install junior-typing
junior-typing/focal 1.29ubuntu1 all
Debian Jr. typing

sudo apt install dvorak7min
dvorak7min/focal 1.6.1+repack-4 amd64
typing tutor for Dvorak keyboards


What, that's all you could come up with? :laughing: :rofl:

You surprise me sometimes. Thank you for the contributions! I'm always learning something from you!

Thank you for your great guide and I have fixed my logo


Thanks bro

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