How to Install Waydroid on Zorin OS 16.1 | Waydroid Install | Waydroid on Zorin OS | Waydroid Zorin

Installation Steps:

  1. Do an apt Update
  2. Install lxc , curl , ca-certificates [ sudo apt install lxc curl ca-certificates ]
  3. Verify Python on Zorin
  4. Make Sure you are Logged in as Zorin on Wayland
  5. Create Waydroid Images Directory 6. Download System.img and Vendor.img and Copy them to Waydroid Images
  6. Install Waydroid [ sudo apt install waydroid ]
  7. Init Waydroid
  8. Start Waydroid Container & Session
  9. Start Waydroid


  1. No need to Install libgbinder as it Installs automatically with Waydroid
  2. No need to edit and Change Anbox.Conf file
  3. You can use waydroid show-full-ui to start waydroid in full screen mode You can download android system.img and vendor.img from :