How to Install XFCE on Zorin OS 16 Pro (R4)

Hello, I wanted to know that can I install XFCE on my Zorin Os 16 Pro? ; I did try installing ZorinOS 16 Pro Lite but everytime I try to boot the USB I get an error saying "You need to load the Kernel First" and idk why everytime I'm watching Youtube or even have more that 2 or 3 browser tabs my Laptop starts stuttering really really badly, Can't even watch Videos on 1080p or 720p60 i either need to set it to 480p or 720p to watching without stutter (like actual audio-video lag) and at a point it becomes unusable. My Laptop dont have that bad specs either (i7 3rd Gen, 8GB Ram, Intel HD4000) as Windows 11 Runs smoothly on that and idk why it happens but it can anyone please help me with Installing xfce on this?
Help will be really really appreciated ^^

You can. Some have cinnamon, xfce, kde, lde and other desktop environments. Check the tutorials section for walkthroughs.

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Alright, I'll try that! ^^
Can you just help me with one more thing...? There's no solution to the Kernel error?

It sounds like something didn't download properly. Compare the checksum to what's posted on the download page (where you choose your version). This insures that all the files are not corrupt and everything exists... you shouldn't get that error. So I'm wondering if the image you have is incomplete or corrupt.

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Agreed, harvey - the Zorin Pro Lite installation was likely corrupted. I would just reinstall.

But yes, you can install the xfce desktop with

sudo apt install xfce4

Or, On Zorin OS, try

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

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