How to install Zorin 16 with following setup


I have a laptop with 3 internal SSDs

1 Win 10
1 Zorin 15
1 with no OS, just my data

currently the grub manage the 2 OS (so Windows does not manage the 2 OS)

I wanted to install Zorin 16 to replace zorin 15 but when I check in the Bios I do not see the USB key with the iso file...what should I do in the bios...?

Thank you

Does your computer have a setting in BIOS to enable USB?

should...I installed Z15 from USB on this exact same PC...but now I nowhere see USB...
should I disable fastboot?
should I disable secure boot?

anything else to do?

Yes to both.

But you may also check if your USB is Legacy or EFI and if your BIOS is Legacy or EFI. They should be the same to work properly.
If your BIOS is set to legacy, you want to boot USB as legacy, too. And same for EFI.

You may need to disable CSM in BIOS ettings.

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