How to install Zorin on WSL in Windows

Hello! Anyone have idea how to install Zorin in Windows using WSL?

I'm curious why you'd want to do that :thinking: My understanding is that WSL is a command line based environment, and at most running GUI applications but you could do the same from the default Ubuntu distro?

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It exist in windows explorer. Here is example.

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I don't even have Windows to even check lol but, there will have to be a WSL port for it, like Kali and Ubuntu. Unless there's a way to get Zorin to install instead of Ubuntu but - also pretty sure it's very different than a regular install? You can also do much more than just a CLI interface - you can do a full-out desktop if you want. Looks like a VM, works a little worse than a VM in my view buut - I'm a bare metal install kinda guy :joy:

Haven't kept up with it though, could be quite wrong - but last time I was using it, there were only two options, vanilla Ubuntu and Kali :person_shrugging:

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A WSL port is not required. If you have the rootfs, then you can install it using WSL 2.