How to install Zorin OS on MacBook Pro running Monterey?


I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to macOS Monterey and followed the instructions how to install Linux on macOS, but it did not work. Seems like something has changed.

Please advice on how I can install Linux/ZorinOS on my MacBook Pro running Monterey. Thank you.


Okay. But is there a better way to go about this? I want to be able to dual boot Linux and macOS.

This is the very first time I am trying Linux and I am very new to Linux.

Whilst you wait for someone who has actually done a ZorinOS + MacOS dual-boot to reply, you could have a look at this item I found from a websearch.
For Ubuntu 20.04 substitute ZorinOS 16.

If you already have ZorinOS Live USB prepared, you can skip to chapter 3.


Thank you for this.

The instructions on here are different from what it says on Ubuntu's official website. And apparently in macOS Monterey, you can no longer do it that way.

The in this article you liked, it appears to be a little too complicated for me to try it because the risk of me breaking something is already high enough, and I can't afford to do that. I don't have a spare computer either.

I have, however, flashed a Linux Distro on to a USB drive, and it's ready to install. But the old simple system no longer works the way it has been.

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I'm having the same issue, and help would be great

Do you use a Mac with Apple Silicon chip (M1)? My MacBook Pro 16 2019 has a T2 chip and I can’t dual boot Linux on it because there are no drivers. Live USB mode will be bootable in few distros but keyboard, trackpad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth nothing will work and there is no work around available today.

Only option is to run it in a VM and I run a lot of Linux distros on VMWare Fusion for Mac. Or you can refer this Monterey troubleshooting post to find a fix.

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I used run macOS on Windows PC (Hackintosh) and installed Windows and Linux using Parallels and later Fusion (I switched to Fusion after Parallels adopted a yearly subscription system).

Either VM solutions worked quite well for my use case (mainly for productive apps, no games).

I have an intel mac, and when I try to boot from the USB my screen just goes black and never loads anything, any ideas why?

I was having the same issues with dual booting on an Intel Mac, and when I reached out for help, Zorin said, "Unfortunately due to the inclusion of Apple's T2 security chip in your model of Mac, it won't be possible to install any operating system other than macOS onto the computer's internal SSD.

However, you should still be able to install Zorin OS to an external hard drive and boot from it to use Zorin OS on your Mac.

In order to install Zorin OS to an external hard drive from your Mac, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the macOS Startup Security Utility by following the steps on this page: About Startup Security Utility on a Mac with the Apple T2 Security Chip - Apple Support
  2. Set the "Secure Boot" option to "No Security" and the "External Boot" option to "Allow booting from external media".
  3. Reboot the computer with the Zorin OS Installation USB drive plugged in
  4. Select the "Try or Install Zorin OS" option from the boot menu.
  5. When you start the installer, please make sure that the external hard drive you wish to install Zorin OS on is plugged in. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. When you reach the partitioning phase of the installer, please select the "Something else" option to open the manual partitioner and select to install Zorin OS to the external hard drive. Before using the "Something else" option at the partitioning phase of the installer, we would recommend you to look at this video which gives a comprehensive guide on how to use this option: How to use Partiton Editor in Ubuntu Installer - YouTube"

I found this handy list and confirmed that my Mac is indeed on it. Mac models with the Apple T2 Security Chip - Apple Support

Apparently you can force it, but this tutorial and the follow-up made me decide to just switch to a Linux laptop instead. HOW TO: Dual Boot macOS and Linux + Using Linux on a Mac. A Year Later...

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