How to keep taskbar having rounded theme without intellihide?

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Have you tried the different Themes?
Zorin Appearance/Layout.

Gday @Ocka Thanks for feedback

Yes I did, but I like to stay with that simple layout without auto hide taskbar.

Disable floating round theme
Edit: when you change to disabled, then back out & also disable hibernation if you dont what hibernation, it will keep the floating round theme disabled.

You might try setting the #panel class to have the property border-radius: 20px; in your preferred themes gnome-shell.css file...

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Do you want to disable Intellihide Panel because there are one or more of its options that you don't like? Maybe options that make the taskbar hide? Is this that you meant?

@Ocka I want to keep rounded theme enabled and disable only autohide.

@Luca_Pavan yes, I want to disable Intellihide only cause interference with such controls of opened apps sharing the same position with the taskbar

I tried the 3 options available below, but the same behavior remains,

  • All Windows
  • Focused Windows
  • Maximized Windows

@Aravisian Thanks for your good idea; It should hmm partially works but;
I checked out the gnome-shell.css parameters and changing border-radius have no effect as well.

I think CSS only is not enough cause the operation consists of two things, rounded radius and shifting panel to new coordinates (x,y) and no clue about that shift in CSS parameters.

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Ok, leave rounded theme enabled & disable hibernation. :+1:

I found the same concern solved already there

@Aravisian you're right
It works now by adding the following in .../gnome-shell.css

#panelBox { padding-bottom: 0.4em; 
            padding-left: 0.6em; 
            padding-right: 0.6em; }
#panel    { border-radius: 10px; } 

Glad to hear you fixed the issue.
Could you please 'Mark' the post that helped as "Solution".
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@Ocka Please advice, that checkbox ticked as solution doesn't appear at my side

try refreshing browser & clean cookies & cache, see if that helps.
Maybe also try not in " incognito " ?

Same after clearing cache with normal mode,

I think it is server-side issue related to account permissions or alike,
my account here is new.

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Yer, no rush, try again tomorrow or next time your on.
Thank again.

It's ok, I will check out later
here's with chromium too

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No it doesn't in the Customisation section. I have moved the thread to General Help. You should find a Solution checkbox under the applicable post now. Click on the "..." (three dots).


I think my post was too brief; Sorry about posting while in a hurry.

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I see this post was on Customization section, not on General Help, so couldn't be there Mark as Solution. But now that's on General Help it should be available.

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Thanks Zaba, i didn't see that.


I missed zabadabadoo's message, too :person_facepalming:.

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