[HOW TO] kill any process immediately

Zorin OS should come with xkill already installed. However, if you need to install it for whatever reason:

sudo apt install xorg-xkill

Now that you have it, you can ensure you have fast access to it for those times of need.
Zorin OS Lite:
Open the App Menu and navigate to Settings > Keyboard
On the Keyboard settings manager window that opens, select the tab Application Shortcuts.
On the Bottom Toolbar, click the Add button.
In the entry of the popover window, input xkill
Click the "OK" button.
Now a new Pop Over window will appear that asks you to press the Shortcut you want to use. I prefer ctrl+alt+k
Once done, it is all set up.
If you do not get the popover window for the keyboard shortcut- click the 'xkill' entry listed in the shortcuts and click edit on the bottom toolbar.

In Zorin OS Core (Or other Gnome D.E.):

It's that easy. Now, if a misbehaving app needs the axe, hit ctrl_alt_k on the keyboard, then Click the Window of the process you need killed. It's gone.


Hello, @Aravisian!

I was trying to intall that aplication, but after I typed it:

This error message was displayed:

E: Unable to find xorg-xkill package

What should I do?



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It really should already be installed. Create the shortcut with the command and test on a blank Text editor or something.

Otherwise, if the above command is returning that error, please try:

sudo apt-get install x11-utils

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I was so excited to install and use that on POP OS 21.04, but I discovered its not in the repo. I'm not sure if Zorin OS 16 operates the same way, but I did discover if an app is misbehaving, I can close it by holding down ALT and hitting F2. Still an awesome post though!