How to lock my account, when I close my laptop

I have installed Zorin OS 16.2 on my laptop and connected an external monitor to it. When I close my laptop, only the laptop screen deactivates and the external monitor becomes the main screen instead of also deactivating. Is there a way to automatically lock my account when I close the lid?

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can try:
Zorin menu > Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock

Also check:
Zorin menu > System Tools > Startup Applications to be sure that "ignore-lid-switch-tweak" is disabled.

If "ignore-lid-switch-tweak" doesn't show up in Startup Applications, then install Stacer:
sudo apt install stacer

Then open Stacer, go to the second side-tab (the one with the little rocket as its icon), then find and enable the slider for "ignore-lid-switch-tweak". Disabling it in Stacer removes it from Startup Applications.

I only have Startup Sound, Zorin Auto Theme and Remmina Applet as options

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