How to Login an encrypted SSD running Zorin 16 Pro alongside Windows 10 with a security key?

I would like to know if it is possible to connect to my PC once with my Yubikey 5 NFC and then choose the system I want to use? (if yes, how & what would be your advice)

I know a little about VeraCrypt on Windows 10 but I'm having trouble connecting with my Yubikey via VeraCrypt. Right now I'm connecting on my Windows with my Yubikey with Yubikey Login.
What will be the best opensource software to use with Zorin 16 Pro to encrypt 100% of my disk?

And finally: How to connect to an encrypted SSD with Zorin 16 and Windows 10 with a security key?

Below are things that might help understand my case:

1 - I am not a coder and I am not very comfortable with the command line (unless I follow a tutorial with details).
2 - I have a Yubikey (my preferred choice for logging in) and a Ledger Nano X with the Fido app configured.
3 - I'm using Windows 10 (not Pro so no Bit Locker) and I want to move step by step to the Zorin 16 world.
4 - I would like to move to open-source and free solution but I’m open to buy a new Security Key like NitroKey for instance or other…, to spend a bit/donate on an easy to use software, or to change my mindset and strategic approach regarding my concerns… let me know what helping solution(s) you have in mind :crossed_fingers:

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