Dual boot Login with a security key?

I would like 100% of my disk encrypted, I have a Yubikey 5 NFC (I’m open to buy an other brand if it’s mandatory with your solution) and I’m trying to find a solution to Login, one time only, to access to my Zorin 16 Pro or my Windows 10.
Any ideas, tips? :crossed_fingers:

If I must Login twice and you have use a good an easy software to encrypted 100% of my HD/SSD, please share with me.

Note: My original question with more details was posted on the General section of that forum. You can take a look :eyes: at How to Login an encrypted SSD running Zorin 16 Pro alongside Windows 10 with a security key?

@MisterFirstSteps Any reason you have created 2 threads on the same subject?
Duplcated threads are not welcomed, as it distracts and dilutes the support that forum volunteers can provide.

@zabadabadoo I understand. I started to post in General then while continuing to browse I was thinking my concerns may fit better to the Hardware section but I’m lost regarding my concerns.
I didn’t know where to post so I posted again with less details and a Note at the bottom of my second message that lead to more details.

Let me know if I have to remove one (which one?) or if I have to do any changes.

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As it is to do with secure Login (via hardware) I think it is still best located in the General Help section.
I am afraid I am unable to help you with that problem. But now we have more posts here, so maybe delete the other one instead.

Have you tried websearch using "Yubikey 5 NFC Ubuntu 20.04" and see what comes up.

@zabadabadoo OK. I’m new in the Linux world and I wanted to use Zorin 16 instead of Ubuntu but I will try to browse the Internet about the info you gave me.
Do you advice me to mark that thread as Solved?

Note ZorinOS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, so you may get better search results from the wider Ubuntu community as this I suspect is a bit of a uncommon question.

EDIT: I have merged your OP from your other thread below here as it contains more details.

I would like to know if it is possible to connect to my PC once with my Yubikey 5 NFC and then choose the system I want to use? (if yes, how & what would be your advice)

I know a little about VeraCrypt on Windows 10 but I'm having trouble connecting with my Yubikey via VeraCrypt. Right now I'm connecting on my Windows with my Yubikey with Yubikey Login.
What will be the best opensource software to use with Zorin 16 Pro to encrypt 100% of my disk?

And finally: How to connect to an encrypted SSD with Zorin 16 and Windows 10 with a security key?

Below are things that might help understand my case:

1 - I am not a coder and I am not very comfortable with the command line (unless I follow a tutorial with details).
2 - I have a Yubikey (my preferred choice for logging in) and a Ledger Nano X with the Fido app configured.
3 - I'm using Windows 10 (not Pro so no Bit Locker) and I want to move step by step to the Zorin 16 world.
4 - I would like to move to open-source and free solution but I’m open to buy a new Security Key like NitroKey for instance or other…, to spend a bit/donate on an easy to use software, or to change my mindset and strategic approach regarding my concerns… let me know what helping solution(s) you have in mind :crossed_fingers:

@zabadabadoo Ah… OK. Thanks. So I should leave that forum for my concerns and find an Ubuntu forum that’s correct? Do you have a name of a good Ubuntu forum that could fit to my issues?

You could stay here and inform us what you could find in Ubuntu Forum :wink:

is a good starting point.


Yes, on Zorin OS and on Ubuntu, you can choose "encrypted drive" on startup. This will encrypt the disk. I am unsure however, as to how this affects a Windows Partition.

Im just saying maybe try widening your search to other Ubuntu forums. But as @FrenchPress says, please report back here to help others.

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@FrenchPress @zabadabadoo OK. :+1:

@Aravisian Yes I saw that you could encrypted the disk when you set up Zorin 16. I also know that Yubico has an app to Login with Linux.

I know how to dual boot windows and Zorin 15 because I did it last month but I gave up with my Yubikey issues because it didn’t work well with VeraCrypt so each time I had to write my password to login then Login again on the OS of my choice.

Then, I was hoping to not have that issue with Zorin 16 because I would like to buy Zorin 16 Pro and try again.

But I don’t know if it’s possible to dual boot with a security key then choose between Zorin 16 or Windows 10 without to have to Login again.
I was thinking I could stop to use VeraCrypt to encrypt and login and use Zorin 16 encrypted solution instead, for instance.
Do you think I could do it with Zorin 16?
Do you know what tool Zorin 16 use to encrypt HDD/SSD?

@FrenchPress Thanks!

Is this what you are talking about?


@jgordon Yes it’s align with my thought to encrypt Boot and Login with a Yubikey, then choose which OS to run.

I use a Yubikey 5 but I’m reading your article.

It’s a bit complicated for someone coming from Mac and Windows but I that article inspire me.

My Windows is already installed on my PC (without BitLocker or VeraCrypt setup) and I was on my way to install Zorin 16.
1-Do you think I will face issues?
2-Do you know what will happen to my Windows partition after using FDE LUKS, will it be encrypted too?
3-Do you know if LUKS will encrypt the Zorin 16 partition with the SSD /boot as well?

I have use my Yubikey 5 for long without particular set up.
4-Do you know how I can check about my Yubikey 5 port avalaibility?

For sure your article will be useful.

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