[SOLVED] Encryption with Zorin OS 16 Installation

If you install Zorin on a machine that has a TPM chip on it, does Zorin automatically use it for storing the encryption key for encrypt/decrypt operations?

The TPM chip is part of the motherboard and accessing its settings and configuration must be done in your motherboards EFI or BIOS settings.
Many users have best results by disabling the chip and using the LVM encryption (Or encrypt drive during installation) options if they need their Hard Drive or computer encrypted.


Hmm.....I've done an installation with encryption, and the recovery key was supposed to have been saved in \home\zorin\recovery.key

The system wouldn't let me save it to an external drive during install sadly. However, its booted up and I can't find ANY folder called Zorin......can't seem to find it in searches either, I fear I'm going to have to reinstall and try put the recovery key somewhere else if I can't find it.

This path is for the Live USB "Try Zorin" demo.

Ah fiddlesticks. I'm going to have to re-install and figure out how to save it somewhere else then. Ah well, thank the fates for NVMe SSD drives - makes installing much less painful time wise haha!!


Right, I'm doing a re-install. Its really odd though that the system doesn't see any additional drives I plug in, to allow me to save the recovery key to. Which defeats the point then of actually saving the recovery key if you can't stick it in an external location the system will save to.

I've picked another location, that would be on the desktop seemingly of the live stick - I couldn't find any of the drives I hooked up because they were just not showing up.

It'll either be there, or it won't. If not - then I'm disappointed. The system SHOULD allow you to select another location to save the recovery key to, its utterly pointless if it only seems to allow you to save it to the 'live' environment but then doesn't actually save it there - we'll see!!

This is an issue because they are supposed to show up. This is not a missing feature -it's a bug.

You are not seeing external drives plugged in while you are using LiveUSB, right?

Sorted it.

I had been booting into the USB stick, and just going straight to "Install Zorin" instead of "Try Zorin"......when I selected "Try Zorin", it booted properly into the live environment FIRST and started seeing the drives I plugged in. Then when I used the "Install Zorin" shortcut it puts on the desktop, it was seeing my external drives as a place to save the recovery key to.

So, it does work, IF you boot into the "Try Zorin" environment first. If you just jump straight into trying to install, it doesn't seem to then see any external HD's you connect - at least, with all my attempts it wasn't!

Glad I have sorted it :smiley:


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[SOLVED] Encryption with Zorin OS 16 Installation

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Regarding your encryption experiences I was thinking you may have good advices to share about my following concerns Dual boot Login with a security key?
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