How to make 2nd ssd more accessible

i have two SSDs, in the first one I have dual boot, windows 10 and Zorin 16, and it also has other software files. And for the second one, I have kept it for storage purposes, it has various media files. So I don't want to transfer any media files to the 1st SSD, I want to access and use the 2nd SSD from both OS, easily. But the problem is that in Zorin I have to click "Other locations" and then search and select my disk name and then I can open it. Is there any way to access it more easily? As in Windows 10, both of my SSDs are named after specific letters, and I don't need to search for my 2nd to access it, it is always present whenever I open File Explorer.

I am currently using Zorin 16.3 Core.

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