How to make a shared folder via VirtualBox 6.1, Host: Win 10

i was trying some hours but now i need to ask the community.

VirtualBox(VB): 6.1 + guest add
Host: win 10 - 64bit
Guest: Zorin 16 latest - 64bit +guest add 6.1.26 (encrypted)

in VB:

  • access to the shared Folder is FULL
  • auto mount active
  • mount point empty (guest is choosing then)

in Zorin:

  • i am in a the group vboxsf (via "adduser")
  • i made a folder and add this to the VB shared folder
  • i choose the bidirectional for the folder in VB
  • i restarted VB multiple times

but the Folder will not shown. i searched for it but seems not created ever.

I was trying to drag & drop (host to guest) a bookmark-json for Firefox but this will not work too, so i was hoping that another way will work. But here is stuck...

What i am doing wrong?

I'm not to familiar with virtual box, but as with a network drive, wouldn't you have to mount the share first, otherwise the os wouldn't know it exists?

This guide should be able to walk you through setting it up.


This is the same as "" explained, and this not work for me...This one worked, its also in german but i am native german:

i get one Error, after pass the 3 minute mark in the video:

mkdir ~/Zorin
sudo mount -t vboxsf Zorin ~/Zorin
mount: /home/user/Zorin: mount(2)-Systemaufruf ist fehlgeschlagen: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden.

But i worked on, after Reboot it worked. finally


Glad to know that you finally made it to work :slight_smile:
If you do not mind, you could summarise what you did here and mark that posting as :ballot_box_with_check: solution.
This would help future visitors to this forum to find the solution they are looking for.

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