How to make a truly fresh start with Wine?

I've been trying various methods to get WeChat for Windows running in Wine (plain Windows App Support, PlayonLinux and Bottles). None of them has worked and now I'd like to start fresh with nothing from previous attempts polluting my new attempts.

I used Timeshift to restore to a point before I installed Windows App Support, PoL and Bottles, and yes they're now gone.

But looking in /home, there's still the /.wine folder, and inside Program Files, Tencent/WeChat with all the .exe files etc.

Short of reinstalling Zorin, how can I start Wine/WeChat truly from zero? Delete the whole /.wine folder? Delete just Tencent folder? Something else?

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This one.

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Thanks, deleted. But I just noticed "Wine" still in the menu, and clicking it gives launchers for WeChat and Uninstall WeChat. (They don't do anything now.)

Then I tried a new way of installing Wine & WeChat, and the WeChat installer warned me I was "re-installing" the same version of WeChat, so I guess something is saved somewhere other than the folder I deleted.


Have you checked ~/.local/share/applications?

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