How to make monitor go to sleep mode on lock screen?

Hello all! Got an issue with Zorin 16 Core that uses GNOME not letting the monitor go into Power off/Sleep Mode after the lock screen is on. With the XFCE DE, it will allow the monitor to do so. What am I doing wrong?

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Hello there and welcome to the Zorin OS forum, thank you for checking out Zorin OS 16 Core! :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure to set your blank screen to the interval time you require...

Also double check your hidden SCREEN LOCK settings located in PRIVACY in your settings as well.


I found the issue. When using Synergy (KM over LAN), GNOME keeps the power on and a blank screen with the mouse curser in the middle. On XFCE DE, this doesn't happen...even with Synergy being used. Strange but I will be waiting for XFCE Zorin 16 PRO then. I have seen people install XFCE on Core but those are people with more knowledge than me to work out all the bugs/problems that happen when installing a DE on a distro that didn't come with it by default. Thank you for the info and help though! :smiley:

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