How to make programs from chroot appear in the applications launcher

Trying out things out of curiosity, I broke debian. Xorg no longer works even after reinstalling (while deleting all the configuration data in the way). Wayland works... but it's buggy. I can't rely on something that melts the entire screen when waking up from sleep. But I also cannot spend too much time into fixing xorg nor completely reinstalling debian, as I have exams very soon and I was using my laptop to study. So what I'm doing is using LMDE to chroot into debian and run everything from there like if nothing happened, being the DE the only difference. I don't mind, since I like cinnamon just as much as I like plasma

However... I do find a bit uncomfortable having to open a new terminal window, do the chroot command, then the command to pass debian's compositor to linux mint's and then start the program from the terminal every time I need to open a program... isn't there a way to make programs from the chroot environment appear in the main system's applications launcher? And if there is a way, would it be complicated to the point that it's not worth it?

For anyone wondering how I broke xorg... I opened xterm (it was on the applications menu since the stock debian kde install), run "sudo startx", the session panicked, threw a few lines of the boot process, stayed on black screen forever. I could Ctrl+Alt+F2 and the CLI was still working, but trying to start xorg would also result in a black screen that sometimes can be killed with Ctrl+C and sometimes not. Rebooting and trying to log in results in the screen freezing with the exception that I can still move the mouse. Wayland does work, so that leads me to believe that the kde desktop isn't broken (though, I have my suspects that it may be the culprit somehow, as removing all trace of the few xorg packages and then reinstalling did not solve anything)