[HOW TO] Make shortcuts to websites WITH ICONS

I don't see this mentioned anywhere. In Chrome, with website open, go to More Tools/Create Shortcut. This will create a shortcut on your desktop (without site's icon) that doesn't work, delete it. Click your start button and go to Chrome Apps. There it is! Right click and choose to either add it to Favorites (Taskbar) or to the desktop. But how do you get rid of these things? There is no way to delete them. Easy, just open Chrome and go to chrome://apps. There they are!

I was so happy to discover this. I really missed that feature in Windows.

Additional Chrome tips: Use the Linux Scroll Speed Fix extension to fix the horribly slow scrolling of Chrome in Linux. Works great. Set text to Large. Fix choppy video by turning off hardware acceleration (older PCs). Turn on smooth scrolling via chrome://flags


No one thinks this is cool?

BTW, I think I know what a "Chrome App" is. It's just a website running in a window. Kinda a gimmick. My YTTV asks me to make one. This site has the option to make one. Personally, I prefer having the browser controls rather than a bare window. You can change that and do other things in chrome://apps.


It's a good guide. :wink:

77% of people use Chrome, 82% if you include Edge. It's enuf to give up Windows after 30 years, but Win11 it won't install on my PCs and support ends for Win10 in 3 yrs. So F'em.

Pretty happy with Zorin.

Edit: Thought you said google guide :grinning:

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Only those that use chrome would find this interesting, though half the time Chrome based browsers tend to prompt if you want a shortcut placed in the desktop, favorites or app drawer (depending on platform) if you visit the page multiple times in a time period. It is great you have a manual way to do this, without having to wait for the prompt.

Personally, i despise chrome and the many taking algorithms that run simultaneously of the page your running... siphoning your data straight to Google on every click. I have even witnessed this as the browser crashed, attempting to load the page and contact Google simultaneously on an old laptop. Windows used to be just as obvious. I use Firefox and find no need to keep web bookmarks on my desktop when i can access them as soon a the browser is open. My opinion, and thank you for posting the guide.


BTW, you can also delete Chrome apps in the Main Menu app.