How to Make the dock looks like this?

I was messing around in my ubuntu 22.10 kvm and I noticed a setting you can enable and love how the dock is made as follow in the screenshot, is there a way I can make a similar dock on zorin os 16.2? I can't find anything about it. Thank you really much for your help in advance!

In Zorin 16 Pro you can have that. Otherwise you have to install dash to dock gnome extension.

My Dash to Dock:


YO you're the king thank you so much! I got it working. Much love from Canada !

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Does anyone know if the Dash to Dock app work on Cinnamon .... I would love to have my icons in the center of the taskbar ....

It is a Gnome-Extension so only works on Gnome.

But you can easily use the Cinnamon Panel Settings to create the same effect.

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OK I'll check that out ..... thanks

Or use Plank for having a dock. and fetch a cool theme here:

sudo apt install plank
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I was reading up a little bit about it on the web .... I can still use your icons and Aravisian's Themes right ..... I don't want to change that ....

Yup, it still will be the same.
Then you can move your current taskbar to the top if you like. Experiment with it until you're satisfied with the result.

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Thanks ..... I'll play around with it and see .... I just made a new backup a couple of days ago in case I screw something up .... or ask on here first .... :grinning:

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OK that didn't take long I managed to wipe out my complete left panel icons .... thank god the main menu stayed ..... oh well .... I'll just reload them .... but I did get a center panel so all is not lost .... :+1: :grinning:

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I think it's for plank settings. Themes goes to ~/.local/share/plank/themes

plank --preferences
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Does Plank have a menu .... when I left click on it's icon I get nothing and when I right click on it it askes to be removed from the task bar ....

Never mind I see it has to be entered in the terminal .... plank --preferences ...... DUH

I know nautilus and steam have menus when active, but you might try checking planks preferences.

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Well looks a bit better but the taskbar is hiding part of the center icons ..... any way to change that ???? ....

I'm not familiar with Cinammon, but it should have a settings option to remove or move it. I would not recommend to remove it as you'll need the menu, so by moving it to the top should suffice.


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