How to make Windows 11 style in Zorin os 16 core?

I want to know if it's possible to do more than this:

But first button is Launch applications button. I couldn't make centred zorin menu button.


khnome, have you right clicked the taskbar, chosen settings and explored through all options? I am sorry, I do not use Gnome so the Panel /Taskbar settings (a New and much welcome addition to Zorin OS introduced in Zorin 16) is still unfamiliar to me.
Perhaps a regular Gnome user can be more help.

Mine looks like this:

It looks like many things can be customised.

Hi, you can check this :

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Yes, but with default Zorin taskbar you can not do that. You need extensions

Hi, very good posts, but the problem is that Dash to Dock is not turning on then clicking on button even with disabled zorin taskbar

Just in case you did not know - XFCE desktop is way easier than GNOME to accomplish what you are looking for. I myself gave up any customization in GNOME and only do it in the XFCE environment.

That's why I'm waiting for zorin os lite 16 :smiley:

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Same here.
I need it for my 9 years old Acer Aspire.

Mine is 8 years old Packard Bell (Acer).

Similar vintage as mine :smile:
It is great that we can still use those old laptops thanks to Linux.

When cost/performance counts, it is difficult to beat Acer - poor (wo)man's friend :wink:
It is my favourite Taiwanese company along with ASUS.