[HOW TO] Make your Zorin Core installation a bit more Minimal

I have seen some users on the forum asking for a "Minimal install" option, similar to how Ubuntu has it, and decided to put it upon myself to deliver that.

I've also seen some say that "Only the Pro version has this!"
this is not true, the Pro version's "Minimal" leaves out all the pro software, essentially just doing an installation of Zorin Core

This procedure is quite easy to do, it's really just removing some programs using the following command:

sudo apt remove -y --auto-remove gnome-{sudoku,mines,mahjongg,maps,sound-recorder,todo,weather} *quadrapassel* aisleriot brasero remmina gimp *libreoffice* evolution rhythmbox pitivi cheese

Though, do note that this is just what I think a Minimal install would look like, be sure to leave a comment/reply to this and let me know what you think I should add/remove etc. :slight_smile:


Just have to be very careful to avoid removing any apps that have subtle dependancies from breaking Core. It has happened before.

I saw that in the same threads that I saw demand for a minimal install, which is why I explicitly didn't remove anything which "the user wouldn't see"
as in, anything the user wouldn't find in their app list.

and I am currently using Zorin like this just fine : P

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