How to make Zorin OS like Mac OS Interface

Can you guide me to make Zorin Os interface like Mac Os interface? Thanks you!

If you’re using Zorin OS Ultimate, you can follow the instructions in this post to switch to the macOS layout:

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But what should I do if I use Zorin Os Core?

Hi, I posted a link to someone who has Ultimate as I did not know he was using that - you could try using Docky or Plank or install an additional DE - CairoDock DE.


I do not know anything about the appearance of MacOS as I never used it. But I believe that Mac has the min, max close titlebuttons on the left, which is a simple settings change in the Zorin Appearance on Core (And on Lite, I think).
You can also use gnome-tweaks to do it:
Windows tab on the left, then on the right pane, select under ‘titlebar buttons’.
Or you can use gsettings to do it on Core:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ‘close,minimize,maximize:’

I had to look that one up. :expressionless:

After that, there are many MacOS style Themes on Gnome-look: