How to Miracast my screen on my TV using Zorin 16 Core?

My TV show me the name I’ve to connect to.

I’m switching step by step from Windows and usually I just have to share my screen to that TV but with Zorin doesn’t seem so easy.

Am I missing something?

For Miracast you can try Gnome Network Display but i wasn't able to make it work on my laptop as it was always showing WiFi P2P Drivers not found.

If your TV has Chromecast built in then you can cast your desktop using any chromium based browser or you can also try mkchromecast

There is also an option in settings for screen sharing using vnc but to view it on your tv you will have to install a vnc client

I don’t what I have on my TV but it’s build in. I don’t have any additional dongle.
I will download Brave or Chrome browser to see if something happens. Thanks

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I did few test.

With Brave, Cast is not activated by default so I had to dot it.
With Chrome, Cast is activated by default.
With both, selecting Cast, trough a pop in, I can see the name of my TV and select the source but I cannot select the tv and make it works

With mkchromcast I don’t see my TV name when I “Search for media streaming devices”

You can try Gnome Network Displays then

Yes Gnome Network Displays works but the sound stay on my PC.

Yes I think it doesn't support sending sound. If you want sound for a video you can open vlc media player and try to cast the video to tv using it like it is mentioned in this blog

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