How to mount iphone in Linux/Zorin using ifuse

I have seen some tutorials on here on mounting an iPhone to computer but with more complicated steps. Here I am going to use a package called ifuse to connect an iPhone to computer (Zorin). I had this tutorial at the end of another thread but thought it might help someone in the tutorials section. From the video it seems like it works on other OS, in the video the author is using Manjaro.

To start, install the package ifuse, it should be in the repos:

sudo apt install ifuse

Next, create a folder in you home directory as a mount point for your iphone. Name the folder iphone:

mkdir ~/iphone

Once this is done, connect the iPhone to computer via USB and give the phone permissions to access the computer. Make sure you are logged in on your phone. Once done, verify Zorin sees the iPhone on the list of connected USB devices:


Once, one sees the Apple iPhone in the list, in terminal then enter:

ifuse ~/iphone

One may have to connect the phone several times to the computer for all the folders to be seen. One should have a folder for photos, an overall directory of iPhone files and also a directory of apps that may contain videos, files, etc.

Always unmount phone once one is done with it, in terminal do:

sudo umount ~/iphone

I manually check the file system to make sure the phone is unmounted just in case. I have tried the above for my iPad and it works too. The folder to be created in home would be called ipad.

In the video, the author is using Shotwell to get his photos off his iPhone.

Here is the video from YouTube that describes the process, and it works every time:

Edit: I did not want to link to video thru my account, in case that was happening. Here is the video:
Video in question

I hope this helps someone...